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Entrance June 2021

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Rally organize by COSW & IMRT, Nashik to support movement of Janlokpal Bill lead by Hon. Anna Hazare.

On 17 August, 2011

Resource Person

Prin. V. J. Deshmukh, Hon. Baba Hudalikar, Mr. Munshettiwar.


1. To protest arrest of Hon. Anna Hazare
2. To support movement of Janlokpal Bill
3. To support learning phase by such equipments


Movement of Janlokpal Bill is a famous movement in scenario by its nature. It is having features like open & quite total public support. Arrest of Hon. Anna Hazare has been protest by entire contry. Todays rally is also a part of such protest & support to movement. As well as it is a process of creation of pressure groups at various levels in society. The rally has been conclude in Hutatma Smarak & great orientation by Hon. Baba Hudalikar. Students, Faculty members, Non teaching staff is participated in the rally.