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Entrance June 2021

  • The Institute COSW

There is long felt need for properly motivated and adequately equipped professionals for social work in various fields. There is room to do a lot in the field of social welfare with changing needs of the society. The MSW course of the university of Pune is an attempt for education by relating it to needs of Social welfare with changing needs of the social surrounding in Urban, Rural and Tribal Sector, It is an effort to meet the ever increasing demand for creating responsible citizenship, effective leadership, efficient and well informed personnel to undertake responsibilities in the fields and to participate in the process of nation building.

To meet the above requirement the course is designed to provide vast opportunities for fieldwork, training and experience. It has an inter- disciplinary Approach to problem solving. It also aims at developing leadership, which can generate socio- economic development in a society through the process of professional social work. The course is an instrument for reconstruction through extension work in the field of community Health, Social Education, Agricultural Development, Animal Husbandry, Social forestry, Agro industries etc, Persons with a motto or service maturity of mind, leadership qualities and genuine concern of the people are required for this profession.