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About Courses

(New Semester Pattern & Revised rules w.e.f.2008-09)

The degree of Master of Social Work is a professional Post-Graduate degree in Social Work. It is a recognized qualification for positions of Human resource personnel in Governmental, Industrial and Non-Governmental Sectors for positions of ICDS Supervisors, CDPO’s Social Welfare Officers, Probation Officers in Child Development and adult Correctional Organizations Human Resource Development, in Industrial sectors, Social Development, Rural and Tribal Welfare and Development, Rural and Urban Community Development, Women’s development and empowerment, Counselors in Family Courts. Medical and Psychiatric Social Workers in Hospitals, Social Defense, Social Work Research. Trained graduates after the course can get opportunities and Colleges of Social Work. The Master’s degree Programme equips trainees to work as agents of change form grassroots up to policy levels.


  • 80 Marks: Each Theory Paper
  • 20 Marks: Each Theory Paper, Internal Assessment on the basis of Paper presentation / Assignments/Term papers/Test exam/ Case-study presentation/ Review of Article or Books/Preparing bibliography/ Field based task.
  • Internal assessments marks shall be given by the subject teacher and shall be submitted by the Head of the Institute to the University.

2. MSW Programme structure:

Total 20 Courses/papers, 12 Generic courses and 8 specialization courses (students shall select any one specialization) Five papers per semester. Fieldwork, Research (Dissertation) shall be compulsory and independent head of passing.

The structure of the course shall be as under:

1. Written theory papers 5 per semester, 20 papers x 100 Marks 2000 marks
2. Field work: 150 marks per semester 150×4 600 marks
3. Research Dissertation (Submitted in Semester IV 100 marks
4. Viva Voce (Semester II and IV) @ 50 marksx2 100 marks
Total Marks 2800 Marks
  1. Eligibility: Graduates of any University recognized by the University of Pune are eligible to apply for the MSW degree Programme.
  2. Medium of Instruction: The medium of Instruction shall be English. However, University of Pune permits students to write examination answer books in Marathi.
  3. Field Work: Total marks 600 (150 marks per semester)
      1. The respective affiliated institutes/ Colleges can develop the fieldwork modules according to available field of opportunities in their region. The filed work over 4 semesters will include concurrent fieldwork, orientation visits, rural camp, study tour and block placement.
      2. Fieldwork shall be of 150, marls each semester. The total filed works marks of four semesters together shall 600.
      3. Field work shall be conducted during two days a week for 15 (fifteen) clock hours a week.
      4. Fieldwork shall be conducted at a social work agency recognized by the training institution. Every student shall be supervised by an experienced/ professorial social work from the agency and a faculty member from the Institute.
      5. A Weekly individual conference of at least 30 minutes, related to field work of every student, shall be conducted be conducted by the field work supervisor, Field work shall be evaluated internally by the assigned field work supervisor.
      6. 100% attendance at field work is compulsory.
      7. A student failing in field work at any semester will be considered as ‘Fail’ and will have to repeat the entire semester.
      8. In any case, there is no provision of revaluation or moderation of field work marks. at university level.

    3. Field Work Components:

    Semester – I
    1. Orientation Visits
    2. Skill workshop
    3. Concurrent Field Work
    4. Seminar/Presentation
    Semester – II
    1. Advance Orientation Visits
    2. Concurrent Field Work
    3. Rural Camp/study tour
    4. Seminar/Presentation
    Semester – III
    1. Advance Orientation Visits
    2. Specialization wise Workshops Seminar/Presentation
    Semester – IV
    1. Concurrent Field Work
    2. Study Tour
    3. Seminar/Presentation
  • Viva Voce Examination:
    (Total marks 100 and total 50 marks each at the end of Semester II and IV)

    1. There shall be a Viva Voce Examination at the end of 2nd and 4th Semester Based on theory knowledge, research and field work practicum.
    2. MSW 1st year i.e. second semester Viva Voce of 50 marks will be conducted before the second semester examination by the Training Institutes on behalf of the University and marks obtained by the student shall be submitted to the University by the Heads of the Institutions for inclusion on the University mark sheet. The minimum Marks required for passing the Viva voce are 25 at each viva voce examination.
    3. A student failing in Viva Voce shall be called again for the viva voce within one month of the date of declaration of the 1st year MSW Examination results, Only one repeat Viva voce is permissible to the conducted during the third semester, However a student failing in the Second Semester Viva voce Examination shall be eligible for admission to the MSW Third Semester. If student does not clear repeat viva, the student will have to repeat the entire semester.
    4. The Viva voce conducted in the fourth semester shall be based on theory of 2nd years, field work, research, professional development and related area of specialization.
  • Research Dissertation (100 marks)
    1. Every MSW student is required to select and appropriate topic for hi/her research dissertation during the second semester and complete the dissertation and submit it to the institute before 15th March of the fourth semester.
    2. Completion and submission of the Research Dissertation is a pre-condition for appearing at Semester Iv Examination.
    3. There shall be only one Dissertation of 100 marks during the MSW II year and
      it shall be submitted to the University through the Head of the institution recommended for submission after /certification and approval of the concerned Research Guide.
    4. The research dissertation will be recommended for submission by the Faculty Guide and evaluated externally by the University Board of Examination for 100 marks.
    5. A candidate failing in research dissertation will have to re-write and submit the revised dissertation in the same session within a period of three months after the declaration of results.
  • Prescribed standard for Research Dissertation:
    1. The topic of Research must be related to the area of social work.
    2. the candidate must follow the scientific process and methods of social work
      research or social research.
    3. A minimum of 60 respondents is essential for collecting field data.
    4. Quantified data is essential. Qualitative data. If any, must be quantified procedurally.
  • Block placement:
    1. Every student is required to complete his/her block field work for a period of one
      month after the fourth semester examination.
    2. The MSW result shall not be declared until a certificate of successful completion of block placement is submitted by the assigned block field work agency, duly attested by the Head of the institution and submitted to the University.
    3. After completion of Block placement, the student must submit a report of work to
      the Head of the teaching institute. This report must have been duly certified by appropriate authority in the block placement agency cordiality no leave of absence will be permissible during block placement.
  • Heads of passing:
    1. The following shall be the independent heads of passing
      1. Written theory papers
      2. Field work
      3. Research dissertation
      4. Viva voce
    2. Standard of passing
      Standard of passing marks: Percentage
      a. Written theory papers (internal + external) 45% marks in each paper
      b. Field work in every semester 50% marks
      c. Vivo voce 50% marks
      d. Research dissertation 50% marks


    3. Award of grades
      Award of grades: Grade
      a. 75 percent marks and above
      (75%+) O
      b. 65% marks and above
      (65%-74%) A
      c. 55% marks and above
      (55%-64%) B
      d. 45% marks and above
      (45%-54%) C
      e Below 45% marks
      (Below 45%) D (Fail)
    4. Rules of ATKT:
      1. A Students must pass in 3 theory course in each semester out of 5 courses to avail the benefit of ATKT for the next semester and he/she must clear the backlog in the next semester examination.
      2. A students shall be allowed to keep term of Semester -III, (MSW-II), if he/she has no backlog and clears all the heads of passing of semester-I
      3. Likewise, a student shall be allowed to keep term of semester-IV (MSW-II), if he/she has no backlog and clears all the heads of passing of semester-II.
      4. A students failing in field work at any semester shall not get the benefit of ATKT including theory papers and will have to repeat the entire semester.
      5. In any case for what so ever reasons if a student does not appear ort fails in any semester examination he/she will have to repeat the entire semester.
  • Admission
    1. Admission procedure: The candidate must apply only on a prescribed form attached to the prospectus of the institution incomplete forms and tho9se received after the prescribed date and time will not be accepted.The selected candidate must, at the time of admission, produce all original certificates (SSC, HSC, and Graduation, cast certificate, Domicile certificate, Income certificate, Non-creamy layer certificate and other relevant certificates or documents) and mark-lists. The Candidate should come prepared to pay the full fees at the time of selection test and pay the full fees on admission, if selected.Candidates will have to obtain their transference certificate indicating the college last attended and the examination last passed.The candidates who have passed their last qualifying Examination from a University other than Pune University must submit a migration certified immediately after securing admission.As per University of Pune rules every candidate must obtain an eligibility certificate Application forms for eligibility will be available at the Office and the dates will be announced accordingly.Applications for eligibility certificate ate to be sent to the Registrar, University of Pune along with the transfer migration and passing certificates and statement of marks. Documents must be submitted in time.

      A student who fails to obtain the eligibility certificate will not be permitted to appear for the Semester IV Examination.

    2. Reservation of Seats: There will be reservation of seats as per rules of University of Pune. Revelation is based on rules of the university and other competent authorities framed and implements from time to time.
  • Discipline:
    Students are expected to follow all rules and maintain discipline throughout the causes period. Students will be made aware of all rules and expected discipline at the beginning of the course. Ragging in any form, within or outside the campus is strictly prohibited In case a students is found breaking the rules of discipline, the Head of the institution can ask him/her to discontinue the course or cancel his/her admission at any time, during the course.
  • Grant of terms:
    100 per cent attendance is expected at the orientation Programme orientation visits and field work Minimum 75% attendance is excepted at the class room Leave is ordinarily not granted. In very exceptional circumstances leave with prior permission of the Head of the institution must be obtained.The Head of the Institution reserves the right to grant terms. Every student will have to gibe an undertaking in relation to compliance of the rules and regulation of the training institution. The decision of the Head of the Institution shall be final and binding in all matters pertaining to discipline and professional behavior.
  • Theory Courses: (For course details refer revised syllabus) University of Pune offers five specialization courses of ten papers each divided over four semesters currently the following specialization are approved by Pune University.Specialization Courses: Every recognized trading center of Pune university selects it own areas of specialize training. Ten papers offered at each specialization.The following specialization Courses are offered by the three Recognized Institutions of University of Pune.
    1. Family and Child Welfare
    2. Medical and Psychiatric Social Work
    3. Human Resource Management
    4. Urban and Rural Community Development and Extension
    5. Tribal Welfare and Environment Development
    1. G-I Social Work Profession
    2. G-II Methods of Social Work I: Work with Individuals and Families.
    3. G-III Methods of Social work II: Work with Groups
    4. G-IV Psychology for Social Workers
    5. G-V Social Sciences for Social Workers
    6. G-VI Methods of Social Work IV : Social Work Research and Statistics
    7. G-VII Personal and Professional Development for
    8. G-VIII Methods of Social work III: Works with Communities. Community Organization and Social Action.
    Specializarion Courses: Two papers
    FCW-I Family sociology and working with families.
    FCW-II Socialization of the child and Child Welfare
    HRM -I Fundamentals of Management
    HRM-II Employee welfare
    TW-I Tribal Social System
    TW-II Problems of Tribal Society
    11 G-IX Community Health,Mental Health and Environmental Hygiene
    12 G-X Social Legislation and Legal systems in India
    Specializarion Courses: Three papers
    FCW-III Womens Issues,Development and Empowerment.
    FCW-IV Family Life Education and Population studies.
    FCW-V Youth and Development.
    HRM -III Labour Legislation.
    HRM-IV Human Resource and personal Management.
    HRM-V Trade unionism and industrial Relations.
    TWED-III Tribal Welfare and Environmenta Development.
    TWED-IV Approach to Evvironemental social work
    TWED-V Environmaent policy and Law

    16 G-XI Social policy and planning
    17 G-XII Administration and Management in social work


    Specializarion Courses: Fourth papers
    FCW-VI Working with Spacial Group.
    FCW-VII EmergingTrends in the field of family and child welfare.
    FCW-VIII Counseling:Theroy and practice.
    HRM -VI Organizational Behavior and social aspects in industry.
    HRM-VII Human Resource Development.
    HRM-VIII Labour Economics and Indian Labour problems.
    TWED-VI Integrated Tribal Development.
    TWED-VII Environment development programmes.
    TWED-VIII Administration of Tribal Welfare Schemes.