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Candidates seeking admission are required to produce a certificate of physical and mental fitness from a registered medical practitioner. The Institute also conducts a medical examination on behalf of the University of Pune after admission to the course.

The MSW degree programme is a strenuous course and demands considerable physical stamina and mental strength. In case of any specific physical conditions limiting physical activity, the candidate will be disqualified from the course if he/she is certified unfit during the medical examination conducted by the Institute after securing admission or at any time during the period of training.

MSW is a two years full time course and candidates are not permitted to seek employment or register for any other University course at any time throughout the two years period of training. Organisations deputing candidates for the course will have to relieve the candidate from all official duties during the period of deputation for two years.

The medium of instruction for the MSW course is ENGLISH. It is essential that candidates seeking admission must have a fairly good knowledge of the English language with an ability to read, write and speak English. The University of Pune permits students to answer theory papers in Marathi but the study and reference material is largely available in English.

Since Social Work is a helping profession, in addition to the basic academic qualifications, personal qualities like an interest and aptitude for working with people, willingness to learn and accept new ideas and a conducive attitude towards ‘helping’ is also essential. The candidate must have appropriate personal bearing and poise indicative of a genuine concern for people. The candidates desirous of under-going professional training in Social Work are required to have a high sense of responsibility and have to be dependable, alert and mature.

During the course of the training the student is required to work in various settings like urban slum communities, institutions for special children, hospitals, industries, prisons, care and custodial institutions, etc. The student will be required to continuously uphold sound professional values and ethics as a trainee as well as a professional social worker.

The Institute reserves the right to ask a student to leave the course if he/she is found unsuitable for undergoing training in social work at any time during the period of training.

Foreign students seeking admission for the MSW programme are required to appear at and pass the Entrance Test conducted by the International Students Centre of the University of Pune. The students who do not pass this Test have to attend the Remedial Course in English conducted at the Nowrojee Wadia College, Pune. The University of Pune announces the date for these Entrance Tests. Foreign students who do not pass the Entrance Test or attend the Remedial Course in English and pass the re-test conducted by the Centre, will not be allowed to continue training and their admission to the MSW programme will stand cancelled.

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