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Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj's

College of Social Work

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One-day Symposium on “Youth and Media” on the Occasion of World Social Work Day organized College of Social Work, Nashik


  1. To promote & discuss the attitude of the youth of India towards social media in the present scenario
  2. To Analyzing media use and opportunities for youth
  3. To discuss issues and challenges in media
  4. To Analyzing employment opportunities through success stories

Maratha Vidya prasarak samaj’s College of Social Work Nashik Organized One Day Symposium on “Youth and media” on the Occasion of World Social Work Day at 19 march 2024.   Ad. Nitin Thackeray, sarcchitanis  of Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj Sanstha was present on the occasion of this symposium. Also, Adv. Laxman landage , the Director of MVP samaj, Dr. Nitin Jadhav, Education officer, MVP,Samaj,  Employee Representative Dr. S.k.Shinde. IMRT Director Dr. Prashant Suryavanshi. Resource person Dr. Vrunda Bhargave & Psychologist and counselor Aarti Hire was present. 18 students presented a research paper under the theme Youth and Media. as the coordinator of the symposium. Prof Chandraprabha Nikam and all professors participated, guiding the students in preparing research papers.

Inauguration function: Ad. Nitin Thackeray while lighting a lamp, Ad. Laxman Landage, Dr. Nitin Jadhav, Dr. Prashant Suryavanshi & Dr. Vilas Deshmukh.    

Dr. vrunda Bhargave & Aarti Hire was guided to student on the topic of youth and media  


News of symposium